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          STR-NKP-2型管道內壁噴涂器 Spraying machine for piping inner wall

          適用范圍 Applicable scope


          NKP-type 2 and our factory production of have no gas supporting it associated with inner diameter spraying Ф 250-Ф 700 mm of all kinds of pipeline. It is no use gas transmission of high pressure coating to it, then after the wall along the pipe inner surface spraying rotation, mobile to complete to conduit wall paint job. NKP-type 2 spraying coatings for the shape, so strong adaptability and can spraying high viscosity most of the coating. NKP-type 2 adapt to gush inside diameter Ф 250-Ф 700 mm of all kinds of pipeline.


          噴涂管道內孔范圍Spray pipe hole range (mm):Ф250-700

          進氣壓力The inlet pressure (MPa)0.4-0.6

          噴嘴旋轉速度The nozzle rotation speed (r/min)10-100

          機身長度Fuselage length (mm)630

          機身重量Body weight (kg)12.8

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